Meet Our Team

Ayris Barnes

farm REdevelopment organizer


Ayris Barnes is Black Yield’s Farm Redevelopment Organizer. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland Ayris realized from a young age that people in her communities were faced with numerous disadvantages. Understanding that mind, body, and spirit needed to be engaged to create lasting change,


Ayris has dedicated her life to service.Ayris goal is to heal our communities back to health through natural healing in dealing with mental, emotional and physical trauma caused by unfair housing practice, food apartheid, over policing, school to prison pipeline and many other disproportioned plagues that have troubled our communities for far too long.


Outside of Black Yield, Ayris has provided holistic care to her community, specifically serving as a caregiver for youth as well as a resource for her community at-large. Ayris is also an independent business owner, selling natural products through her company A.B.A.N.S. Scrub.”


“Once I understood the voice I was given I became confident knowing why we fight but more importantly, who we fight for and I’m standing strong in that knowledge”