Meet Our Team

Keyona Hough

food susu organizer


Keyona Hough is our Food Susu Organizer. Keyona’s goal is to bring a different perspective to land and food sovereignty to Black folks. “Of course opening a Food Co-Op in Cherry Hill is my primary focus but teaching how this shows up in all areas of our lives is key. My goal is to build a legacy that can be sustained and created for Black liberators globally”.

Keyona vows to educate herself, liberate herself and bring resources to BYI. “I bring humor and fun to the work because we need to just let loose sometimes. I bring authenticity to this work and to the community”. 
Keyona was brought to the work through goals for independence and liberation. “I have been fighting the good fight for my son and myself for quite some time. What I’ve realized is, I needed the liberated context in order to get to independence and freedom. I needed protection and positive criticism for me to continue fighting for my people. BYI has given me space to be and the parameters that create the foundation for liberatory sustainability”.
Outside of work, Keyona is raising two handsome sons and creating longevity for them. “I own a social development center for high functioning children with special needs called UnKIDitional LoVe. Which was a solution for my oldest son to build and sustain life long friendships, social development and life skills.” Keyona loves to walk in the grass shoeless, laugh and find resources for people.