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BoOTS: Liberation In The Masses And In The Margins

Our First Self Published Piece of Literature!

BoOTS: Liberation in the Masses and in the Margins offers up an approach to the study of historic and contemporary examples of liberation through public, massive and private, marginal methods. Written as a tool for popular political education, this book illuminates the need to squelch the debate about whether “freedom struggle types” are somehow better or worse than others. The author, Eric Jackson (Servant-Director of Black Yield Institute), asserts that 21st century freedom fighters must be concerned with studying all matters of liberation methods.


In this body of work, the people will find inspiring examples of “freedom formations” in pursuit of Black Liberation. Jackson offers a tool for the necessary study of liberation for those who profess and organize toward black liberation. BoOTs, which stands for Black-owned and Operated Territories and Spaces, is one way to frame our “freedom formation” study, in order to inspire current iterations of liberation-forward activities and movement building.”



Please note: We are unable to ship at this time, so physical copies must be picked up from our offices or at one of our Pop Up Market. Digital copies will be sent out within 48 hours of purchase. Thank you for your understanding.


Check Out Our Five Year Report

We Got 5 On It is a five-year look at the impact of Black Yield Institute with a focus on the developmental years of 2015 to 2020.”

An excerpt from We Got 5 On It


Black Yield Institute has been developed with a clear aim and focus since the beginning of our work in November 2015. November marks the birthday of our institution and in the spirit of celebration we are excited to announce that we are releasing our first multi-year report, We Got 5 On It. The report serves as a document that attempts to highlight the evolution of our work from 2015 to 2020. However, we also aspire to inspire further organizational development in service to Black Land & Food Sovereignty. The report is a labor of love that motivates us to continue our work for many more years. Learn about how and why we have been able to build our institution since our inception and learn the spotlights over the past two full years of operations. Enjoy the illustrative storytelling that shares a tale from idea to seed to fulfillment. Many jewels and gems are found within the pages of We Got 5 On It. We recommend studying this document, not merely read the contents, and we invite people to ask questions. Black Yield Institute has a story to tell and here it is. 

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Black Yield Institute is a Pan-African power institution based in Baltimore, Maryland, serving as a think tank and collective action network that addresses food apartheid.


Since our beginning in November 2015, we have worked collaboratively with black people and entities, along with other institutions, in pursuit of Black land and food sovereignty. We are to build independent power by establishing an action network and serving as an incubator for ideas and projects. We are unapologetically a Black-led institution, utilizing Afrocentric, Pan-African, and human rights frameworks to anchor our thought and works toward liberation through food.

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Since our beginning in November 2015, we have worked collaboratively with Black people and entities

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The Cherry Hill Market is an opportunity for Black Yield to sell produce sourced from Cherry Hill Urban Community Garden to community members at reasonable prices. This is also a space for local vendors to sell goods to the community.





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