Black Yield Institute is a Black-created Black-led institution based in Baltimore, Maryland. We are organized to address food and land-based oppression. Since our beginning in November 2015, we have contributed to the movement for Black land and food sovereignty. We are a movement organization whose approaches are anchored in power building that centers African people. We utilize Pan-African; thought, reflection, and action to guide our organizing through land and food within two areas of focus–Food Supply Chain and Movement Support & Organizing.



Black Yield Institute is on a mission to create a self-determined and self-reliant network of Black institutions, Black-owned businesses, and people of African Descent who are defining and governing all aspects of our food economies. systems, including black food politics, and economies. We are building collective power to ensure equity and prosperity in our material and immaterial conditions.


Black Yield Institute envisions a healthy, cooperative, and powerful black community where black people in that community govern the politics, economics, health, land, and food development, from seed to waste. The community would consist of food economies, where Black people work cooperatively to continually reduce dependence on White and other People of Color for food and overall sustainability while affirming African Diasporic cultural practices.