Liberation In The Masses And In The Margins

BoOTS: Liberation in the Masses and in the Margins offers up an approach to the study of historic and contemporary examples of liberation through public, massive and private, marginal methods. Written as a tool for popular political education, this book illuminates the need to squelch the debate about whether “freedom struggle types” are somehow better or worse than others. The author, Eric Jackson (Servant-Director of Black Yield Institute), asserts that 21st century freedom fighters must be concerned with studying all matters of liberation methods.

In this body of work, the people will find inspiring examples of “freedom formations” in pursuit of Black Liberation. Jackson offers a tool for the necessary study of liberation for those who profess and organize toward black liberation. BoOTs, which stands for Black-owned and Operated Territories and Spaces, is one way to frame our “freedom formation” study, in order to inspire current iterations of liberation-forward activities and movement building.”






It Is Up To Us To Tell Our Stories


It is imperative that we tell our own stories if we don’t, we risk allowing others to tell them for us. It is with great pride that we introduce the Seeing Sovereignty photobook. This collection of stories, photos, and quotes from the people of Cherry Hill provide a beautiful look at a vibrant community while providing a guide for future generations of Black folks.

A Story Of Food Apartheid And The Struggle For Sovereignty



Baltimore’s Strange Fruit is a documentary film produced by Black Yield Institute, directed by Eric Jackson and Maddie Hardy, exploring the intersections of food, land, and race and class politics through personal narrative and social commentary.

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