Crystal Forman Holistic Wellness and Health

Originally published in our April 2021 newsletter

For this month’s S.W.A.G. spotlight we will be highlighting Crystal Forman. Crystal is the owner, founder and educator at Holistic Wellness and Health. This is a service specializing in plant based foods and meditation to help people have healthier and more vibrant lives. At the root of this approach is wellness through mindfulness, mental health, physical health, and diet.

Crystal’s holistic approach began in childhood. A self-proclaimed “health nut”, Crystal said that she always knew that food was important for overall health. The meditation and love of silence was innate with her parents catching her meditating on multiple occasions as a baby. Growing up, Crystal realized that everything worked together, “You can’t just say be healthy and drink water”. If you want someone to make a lifestyle change you have to engage with them in totality.

This advocacy lead to Crystal leading cooking demonstrations. These demonstrations expanded to churches and other community spaces creating the genesis for Holistic Wellness and Health.

Her focus on food was a primary focus because she felt like that was the piece of her work that would be the most accessible before adding in the mindfulness component through outdoor meditations and coaching.

An important aspect of her work is that Crystal meets people where they are, creating goals that are both personal and attainable. For anyone looking to begin improving their health she offers two pieces of advice. First, drink more water. Second, eat raw produce at least once a day.

Make sure to keep up with Holistic Wellness and Health on social media. Every Monday at 5PM she goes live doing a variety of activities from cooking, to meditation, to gardening. Crystal goes live from the page every Friday at 5PM on Facebook and YouTube using locally sourced products from CSA boxes and produce boxes. She also Wellness Reset workshop coming in April.