Meet Our Team

Geneen Godsey

co-servant director

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Geneen Godsey is Black Yield’s Co-Servant Director. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Geneen Godsey has made a commitment to collaboratively working with others to address the psychosocial and physical impact of oppression and white supremacy, particularly for Black folks and other Afro-descendant people. 

Throughout her professional career, she has demonstrated the ability to lead, develop and sustain partnerships, and shepherd work in a mission-aligned way.


She has also unapologetically supported folks in organizing to address racism in both pre-and post-secondary educational settings in the city of Baltimore, which has ignited change in institutional policy and practice. Geneen has developed and implemented programming and served as a manager of programs within various organizations in the city of Baltimore. A trained Social Work practitioner, Geneen holds a Master’s degree in Social Work, and has contributed to social work scholarship.


Geneen understands that there is no unilateral or conventional way to begin to achieve sovereignty, however, she believes that in order for individuals, non-profits, governmental agencies and other organizations to support in dismantling systemic oppression, the services provided must move beyond that of transactional to transformational. In order to achieve this, each of us must be consciously dedicated to examining the internal structures and policies we are governed by that perpetuate a lack of equity and equality in accessing food, humane legal and medical care and access to education just to name a few.