Meet Our Team

Shy’Mierra Hope

aDminIstrative organizer of finance and sustainability

Shy’Mierra Hope is Black Yield Insitute’s Administrative Organizer of Finance and Sustainability. With a background in administrative, finance, and community work, Shy is passionate about fostering effective relationships while being a part of the growing commitment that BYI offers to the surrounding communities in Baltimore. Believing in addressing and correcting food sovereignty in impoverished African-American communities, Shy is eager to contribute her skills and expertise to BYI.

Shy brings a heartfelt dedication to combating food apartheid. “My journey into this crucial work stemmed from a personal experience that opened my eyes to the disparities in access to nutritious food”. Witnessing the profound impact of this inequality, she felt compelled to join a cause aimed at creating equitable access to healthy, sustainable food for all communities. “I’m thrilled to be part of this company’s mission, driven by a deep-rooted belief in the power of food justice as a catalyst for positive societal change”.

Outside of Black Yield, Shy enjoys spending time with her family and watching The Walking Dead.