Welcome to the VAULT

Vigorously Attracting Us to Liberation and Transformation

The VAULT is Black Yield’s political education platform that hosts/houses tools and information related to Black Liberation struggles and Black life, publicly available for learning and organizing. Intentionally engaging all human senses, the content includes an open-access lending library, a multi-media archive of community stories, and an interactive food creation portal.

The Elements

The VAULT project is made up of three key components; The Black Life Archive, The Little Timbuktu Lending Library, and Food Sovereignty and Me.

The Black Life Archive

The Black Life Archive is made up of digital stories depicting various facets of Black life in the United States and abroad. Currently, the Black Life Archive is home to autobiographical reflections from members of the Cherry Hill as well as Food Stories, a series a digital stories centered around various experiences with food.

The Little Timbuktu Lending Library

The Little Timbuktu Lending Library exists as in the both the digital and physical world for patrons to explore.
The digital library houses e-resources to browse online and the physical library is a carefully curated space house in our office space at 844 Roundview Road.

Through this approach, it is our hope that we can meet folks wherever they are in exploring the worlds that can literature offer.

Food Sovereignty & Me

The Food Sovereignty & Me series spotlights the magic of cooking and breaking bread together, capturing the full cooking processes and reflections from the participants themselves.